FSM Congress Passes $75.4 Million FY16 Budget – Assistance to Yap, other FSM States?

Colonia, Yap. October 8, 2015. The 19th FSM Congress, two days prior to the beginning of this fiscal year 2016, passed Public Law 19-32 – the 2016 FSM National Government Budget of nearly $75.43 million.

Senator Joseph J. Urusemal and Senator Isaac V. Figir on their recent return to their home State of Yap reports that Yap, as well as the other FSM State Governments, continues to receive assistance from the FSM National Government.

In the FSM’s approved budget for this fiscal year, Yap, and the other FSM States, continues to receive grants, subsidies, and contributions towards its law enforcement program and State Court operations. Yap received $30,000 for the Yap State Joint Law Enforcement program, and $35,000 to subsidize operations of the Yap State Court.

An additional $30,000 was also provided to fund typhoon shutters for the FSM Supreme Court in Yap.

Furthermore, grants towards education development continue with $150,000 for the National Merit Scholarship, and $2 million earmarked for the FSM National Scholarship. The FSM National Scholarship prioritizes students studying law, medicine, accounting/economics/business, and engineering. Freshmen college students studying liberal arts, Pre-law and Pre-med must maintain a GPA of 2.0 as a scholarship qualification.

Financial assistance to all FSM Students studying at the College of the Marshall Islands and the Palau Community College totaling a $190,000 were also provided for under the FSM budget.

Funding towards capital improvements, development programs and projects, and human resources development to the FSM States were also provided under this fiscal years FSM budget.

This includes over $10 million to fund “Priority Infrastructure Projects” in all FSM States, with Yap getting $1.75 million of the total. This new funding for Yap is in addition to an earlier $1.5 million for Yap State Priority Infrastructure Projects in fiscal year 2015.

Other assistance to the FSM States also included $1.95 million to assist the States with “Tourism Investment Plan Implementation”; $2.5 million for “operation and dry-docking” of FSM vessels which services the States; as well as an additional $10 million investment into the FSM Trust Fund in which contains sub-accounts for the States.

Other foreign grants also approved by the 19th FSM Congress last Session specifically for Yap included $100,000 in goods and services to assist fisheries development in the State of Yap from the Korea Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Agency; $237,631 from the Government of Japan to fund goods and services assisting the fisheries development in the State of Yap; as well as a $100,000 from the US Department of Transportation to fund Yap Airport Improvement Program.

More details on these and other grants to the States can be accessed on the FSM Congress website at www.fsmcongress.fm or by contacting your Congressional Delegation Office.



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