FSM Congress Cosponsored Climate Change Resolution at the 23rd APPF

Colonia, Yap. January 22, 2015. During the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF), the Federated States of Micronesia cosponsored with the Republic of Chile a Climate Change Resolution, which became one of the final resolutions of the chapter.

The Climate Change Resolution resolves to, among others:

  1. Urge all APPF Member States to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions consistent with relevant decisions of the Conference of the Parties (COP) in Lima Peru in 2014;
  1. Exhort APPF Members States to work together inside the UNFCCC, to develop a protocol another legal instrument or an agreed outcome with legal force under the UNFCCC applicable to all Parties;
  1. Encourage all APPF Member States to start preparing their contributions for 2015;

<<<Click Here to Read Entire Resolution>>>

The 2015 APPF was held in Quito, Ecuador from January 10th -15th. A delegation from the 18th FSM Congress, led by Senator Isaac V. Figir and Senator Yosiwo P. George, represented the FSM Congress at the forum.


In addition to cosponsoring the Climate Change Resolution, the delegation through a statement delivered by Senator Figir also noted several legislative actions of the FSM Congress last year notably highlighting the nation’s advances in climate change legislation.

Such the FSM was recognized in the GLOBE Climate Legislation Study as one of the 9 countries in the Asia Pacific region in which climate change law has progressed the most in 2013. And more recently in June 2014, the FSM Congress was the recipient of a GLOBE Award for its climate change actions.

The Senator also encouraged further regional cooperation and action on legislation relating to fisheries law, security, human rights, human trafficking, and trade.

Further mentioning that “Micronesia may not have much in term of trade potential but we do have ideas that we would love to share and cooperate with others to enact, especially in climate change, protection of natural resources and culture. We welcome regional cooperation and are willing to contribute what little we can.”

The APPF, which the FSM is a member country, is a forum of national parliamentarians consisting of member countries in the Asia Pacific region founded in 1991 by former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone.

According to the 23rd APPF website, the forum seeks to provide a forum for national parliamentarians of the Asia Pacific region to, among other aims, “identify and discuss matters of common concern and interest and to highlight them in a global context”.

For more information on the FSM Congress’ participation in the 23rd Annual APPF, please email congresspio@mail.fm.



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